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But she wasn't always like this when she had done her first film Bekhudi she had got down on her knees and begged for it.

Like many directors that director was a pervert too he had told her straight up that if she wanted a role she had to sleep around with everyone she was told too, she knew that if she wanted a role she had to do what he said or else she would never become a actress so she agreed.

Kajol got ready and then Halkat Jawaani started playing and she started dancing to its tune.

While she was dancing she was slowly stripping off. Then after Halkat Jawaani was over "Dil Mera Muft Ka" started playing and while dancing on that song she took off her petticoat.

And then after 3 years when she wanted to work again she contacted Yash Chopra he called her to his office.

Then after the kiss Aditya put a blindfold on her and walked her in a room.He told her that she will do an stripping item number for everyone on her rivals songs.She was surprised because she had never done a item number before.1 actress she stopped because the public liked her so much that she got roles without begging for them, all the directors wanted her in her films.All her movies were going a super hit she was happily married with Ajay Devgun and he never stopped her from doing movies everything was going perfect when one day when she wasn't doing any movies at that time she found out that she is pregnant. And then after 9 months in 2003 she gave birth to a baby girl, she loved her baby so much that she had stopped doing any movies.

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